Kat Jungnickel


A selection of my consultancy projects:

Young Foundation Social Design Research group (London, UK)
(Jul-Oct 12) Live data maps
– Ethnographic design research on live data maps for a European public engagement of science project

Precipice Design (London, UK)
(Feb-Mar 12) Domestic technology cultures and practice – Ethnographic product design research in London, Hamburg and Paris.

Intel Corporation’s Interaction and Experience Research group (US)
(Apr-Jul 12) Insecurities – Ethnographic design research in London, Helsinki and Barcelona.
(Feb 10) Media ethnography
 – Ethnographic research and interviews about UK digital TV culture.
(Feb-Mar 09) SA Stories – RA to Dr Genevieve Bell, 2009 Thinker in Residence’. Conducted a technological audit of how South Australians get and stay connected. Organised and conducted interviews and fieldwork in urban,  suburban and remote areas across the state.
(Jul, Oct 07, Jun 08) Technology Retail Experiences – Ethnographic fieldwork and interviews in Australia, Hong Kong and London exploring the textures of the point of purchase retail experience.
(Jan 07)  Second Homes – Experimental methodological project exploring how Australians reframe relationships to technology when they are away from their primary homes.
(Jan-Dec 06)  Domestic Space & Interfaces for Located Mobility – One year co-funded INCITE/Intel ethnographic project exploring wireless technologies in Sydney homes.
(Jan 06) Edges of Homes – Australian fieldwork looking at the edges of homes; how people conceptualise physical/virtual architectures and social/spatial boundaries.
(Jun-Sep 04) Postgrad Internship – Summer internship at Intel (Portland, Oregon) exploring alternative elucidations of ethnographic data gathered during the Inside Asia research project.
(Oct-Dec 03) Inside Asia – Ethnographic fieldwork in Australia looking at how cultural practices shape technology use of the middle classes in urban Australia.

INCITE (Incubator for Critical Inquiry into Technology and Enquiry) Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)
(Apr 05) Inter-Departmental Collaboration: INCITE & Royal College of Art event – Co-organised and participated in a week long interdisciplinary collaboration between designers and sociologists.
(May 05) Privacy Workshop – Commissioned by Intel and INCITE to conduct a literature review about privacy concerns with regard to emerging technology in UK and Europe.
(Oct 04) DTI Global Watch: The Future of User-Centred Technology Design Mission – Assisted the Department for Trade and Industry Mission team tasked with exploring new developments by US companies and universities.

Proboscis (Interdisciplinary art/technology/research studio (UK)
(Dec 01-Dec 03) Urban Tapestries – Co-ran creative labs and ‘bodystorming’ events, produced a series of short animated films and models and managed the blog for the community WiFi project.
(2002) Mapping Perception – Co-edited exhibition catalogue on an interdisciplinary collaboration between a filmmaker and neurophysiologist about preconceptions about normality and human condition. The publication accompanied the film and installation.