Kat Jungnickel

Bikes & Bloomers

This ESRC Knowledge Exchange grant is an inventive methods and creative interdisciplinary project on the history of cycle wear.

It draws on archival resources to investigate the role of cycle wear, the bloomer and attending ideas of ‘rational’ dress in legitimising women’s presence in outdoor public space. The novelty of the project lies in interweaving archival research with the making of a range of garments, drawn from 120 year old patents in collaboration with contemporary craft practitioners  – an artist (Alice Angus), weaver (Dashing Tweeds), filmmaker (Britt Hatzius) and pattern cutter (Nadia Constantinou).

Outputs : bloomer making workshops, bloomer rides, 5 x ‘convertible’ cycle costumes, time-lapse video, an automaton, journal articles, talks, performances, exhibition and a book.