Kat Jungnickel

EM#4 – Dewey Organ

Funded by an AHRC ProtoPublics ProtoProject award this ‘co-design’ experiment sets out to prototype ways of making problems and publics. It directly addresses issues central to the funding call and critical to practice-based researchers, designers and policymakers, namely: what counts as a social ‘problem’ and what publics do problems bring into being?

The interdisciplinary team (Sociology + Design) approaches these core concerns by way of two key interrelated practice-based research activities:

1. Make the Organ – render issues tangible, material and debatable in new ways

2. Play the Organ – invite members of the public to interact with, add or make issues and problematize and customize problems and in doing so make their publics known or indicate new publics that arise around new issues

Junk hacking machine making workshop
Performance at The Imagination Festival, Glasgow
Dewey Organ Twitter