Kat Jungnickel

Enquiry Machine #3

I attended the DiY Networking seminar: An interdisciplinary approach at the Leibniz Centre for Informatics at Schloss Dagstuhl. One of the many discussions explored during the conference was the topic of failure. 

Together with a group of computer and social scientists – Christian Becker, (Universität Mannheim, DE), John Cowcroft (Comm Systems, Cambridge), Paul Dourish (Informatics, UCI), Kevin Fall (Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon), Alison Powell (Media & Comms, LSE), Irina Schklovski (ITU, DK) – we approached the topic from many different disciplinary positions by attempting to make a machine that enquired into failure.

Taking the form of a châtelaine, the Failure Châtelaine is a piece of wearable technology that enquires into the many material, messy and complex socio-cultural and political aspects of failure.

A more detailed write-up of the conference is here.