Kat Jungnickel

Urban Tapestries

(2001-04) I worked with Proboscis, an arts/ technology research studio on a number of experimental projects, the largest of which was Urban Tapestries – a mobile wireless application system in Bloomsbury that enabled people to map and share knowledge, stories and information. It provided a framework for investigating social and cultural implications of pervasive location based wireless environments at a time when they these technologies were just emerging. Outcomes: website/blog, films, community workshops, models, ebooks, research methods such as ‘bodystorming’ and a week long public trial (100 participants). Partners/ funders: LSE, Hewlett-Packard Research, Orange, Ordnance Survey, France Telecom R&D UK.

Other experiments:
Mapping Perception: co-edited an exhibition catalogue (with Giles Lane) on a 4year collaboration between a filmmaker and neurophysiologist that explored preconceptions about normality and the human condition.

Sonic Geographies: a series of multi-media urban experiments that entangled sounds of the personal world in conversation with the city. We produced sound pieces, short animated films and downloadable ebooks.

– Time Streams: a series of downloadable ebooks and short range radio broadcasts, each mapping the soundscape of a particular area of London during one hour of the day.