Kat Jungnickel


Trans thumbnail(2015) Event#4: Transmissions & Entanglements: What next? 
Three day unconference held at the Digital Cultures Research Lab, Lüneburg.



Trans thumbnail(2014) Event#3: Live Transmissions: Critical conversations about performing, making and crafting
A week long series of critical and creative events curated across a week in June (11-14th) designed to explore how we transmit and entangle social worlds through new forms of stories and storytelling. Includes talks, symposium, sewing workshop, performances, an exhibition and even a curated bike ride around London.


thumbnail2(2013/14) Bloomer Making Workshops
A series of Bloomer Making Workshops (4 so far) have been run with students, colleagues and members of the public as a experimental way of inviting hands-on object oriented engagement with key themes in the project. More here.


thumbnail(2014) Bloomer Rides
As a follow-up event to the Bloomer Making Workshop, we invited people to join us for a ride into London’s rich cycling innovation history. We traversed the city by bicycle, weaving together some of the fascinating lesser-known stories about inventive women who made, wore and patented extra-ordinary ‘convertible’ cyclewear.



(2013) Enquiry Machines: Making Social Computing Matter
This experimental event provides students with the chance to make research ideas and problems into a series of material objects or ‘Enquiry Machines’. It is designed to strengthen students critical abilities on three accounts: articulating core issues/questions, working with others, and opening up rather than closing down methods for thinking through and about complex things.


Trans thumbnail(2013) Event #2: Transmissions and Entanglements: Inventive enactments of the social – Goldsmiths, London
The second event in the project was comprised of three events over three days; public lecture, full day symposium and post event brunch. In total, the event featured 21 speakers presenting a range of projects using talk, film, photos, objects and performance. A detailed overview of the day is here.


Trans thumbnail(2013)  Event #1: Transmissions and Entanglements: Uses of inventive methods – UCI, Irvine.
 The first event to launch the project was a half day symposium/workshop held on Monday 8th April at the School of Information and Computer Science, University of California. It featured two framing talks, a response and an afternoon ‘Speed Methods’ session.


EASST thumbnail(2012) Experiments in (and out of) the studio: Art and Design Methods for Science and Technology Studies European Association for the Study of Science & Technology (EASST). Julien McHardy and I ran the afternoon session of a full day workshop at the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) in Copenhagen, Denmark (16 Oct). We invited 25 participants  to make ‘machines of enquiry’ and exhibited these in an exhibition during the conference.


cc(2012) Cycling Cultures Policy Report launch (pdf): Rachel Aldred and I launched the Policy Report from the ESRC funded Cycling Cultures research project (2010-11) to a group of interdisciplinary cycling researchers and practitioners at the University of London, Stratford Campus (19 Jun). I also showcased a film from the Bike Portraits exhibition. More about the research project is here and the project website is here.


mobilities - thumbnail(2011) Performing the city: Mobility, space and subjectivity. Justin Spinney, Rachel Aldred and I ran a workshop in central London for the Sustainable Mobilities Research Group  on 7th December as part of the Cycling Cultures project. It was a mobile mobilitities workshop. We banned the use of powerpoint and speakers were invited to talk/walk through themes central to their work, at particular locations or on the move. Themes addressed included: the politics of (im)mobility; mobility and temporality; the sensory, affective and (im)material; (in)visible mobilities (particularly in relation to the ‘warping’ of the city); rhythm; citizenship and urban governance; the construction and displacement of subjectivities through mobility; place, infrastructure and the scripting of movement. A review of the day is here. Justin and I are have written an article of the event.

cc(2010-11) Cycling Cultures Practitioner Forums #1,2,3,4 – I assisted Rachel Aldred in planning and running a series of events for cycling practitioners from all over the UK that enabled the sharing of the Cycling Cultures research and networking opportunities for participants.

(2005) Engaging the city: public interfaces as civic intermediary – A two-day workshop for CHI exploring the role of public interfaces in engaging citizens within the urban context and discussing how technology can help to develop cities that address the needs and reflect the desires of its inhabitants. Organised with Michele Chang, Irina Shklovski and Chet Orloff. More here.

(2005) Sociology and Design. I helped organise and also participated in a week long interdisciplinary collaboration between designers and sociologists run by Nina Wakeford and Lucy Kimball, 29-6 May. More here and here.

(2005) Privacy and Technology. I was commissioned by Intel People and Practices research Lab (PAPR) and INCITE to conduct a literature review of privacy in emerging technology in UK and Europe, for a two-day workshop at UniS, UK, 27-29 April. More here.

(2001-2003) Urban Tapestries. I co-ran creative labs and ‘bodystorming’ workshop events with Proboscis for members of the community, academics and stakeholders to materially engaged with core themes of a digital technology project. More here.



(2011) Enquiry Machine #2: The Serendipity Engine is an experiment in materialising online search. It is a material and physical manifestation of theoretical and technological interventions that explored the idea of serendipity on the internet. Aleks Krotoski and I presented it at the Royal Institution of Great Britain as part of a series of lectures on Connections, Nov 8.


(2011) Enquiry Machine#1: Performance 4. Julian McHardy and I performed the Enquiry Machine at SameAs – a central London interdisciplinary science and technology meetup, London, Oct 17.


(2010) Enquiry Machine#1: Performance 3. Julian McHardy and I performed the Enquiry Machine in a street in Hackney. Film.


(2010) Enquiry Machine#1: Performance 2. Julian McHardy and I performed the Enquiry Machine at the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) annual conference, Trento, Italy, Sept 2.


(2010) Enquiry Machine#1: Performance 1. Julian McHardy and I made the Enquiry Machine in central London. Film.